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Stress Free Vacation - We All Need A Break

Posted by Beth Ann Bentley on Wed, Jul, 08, 2015 @ 15:07 PM

We all dream of getting away from it all, but not all vacation get-a-ways are without their own level of stress:

  • Cost
  • The extra hours at work preparing to leave/The extra hours at work when we return
  • The planning for pets, house plants, mail, home related issues.
  • Going without the kids?  Oh Boy, sounds great, but there are all the prearrangements for rides, meals and appointments to leave for the lucky sitters. Not to mention the laundry when you get back…if that is not on the sitter’s to do list.
  • The transportation getting to and from your vacation get away, plus transportation when there – think trains, plane or automobiles?
  • Packing and forgetting something along the way.
  • Phone, lap top, kindle, tablet chargers and adapters to find, bring and not forget.

Well the list can go on.  For some, these are nothing to deal with. For some the thought ofCouple relaxing in tub managing all these moving parts is too over whelming and they can’t or won’t enjoy their vacations. Even just one or two of these stressors, especially cost and planning for the house stuff, can put a damper on the whole idea of a vacation.

Here is solution – plan a really great stay-cation. There is a trick to the stay-cation and it does require some discipline and fortitude.  The first day, like on any vacation, you show signs of withdrawal and an inability to relax and get out of the “day to day work head” of yours. But when you are a way you are forced to work through it, when on a stay-cation, the ability to succumb to checking voice mail or email is ever present. So stay focused on relaxing; it is a learned skill set.

  • Make an agreement with your friends and family you are staycationing with. There is no checking work emails or work voicemails.  This is a vacation remember.
  • There has to be consequences for not adhering to this rule – massage for partner, pay for dinner with friends, kids choose all activities for the next day…something that will help you stay focused.
  • Make a plan for each day as if you were away somewhere.
    • Look up carnivals, fairs, special events within a comfortable driving distance.
    • Find out what exhibits are being featured at the local museums.
    • When was the last time you went to the zoo, aquarium, and botanical gardens?
    • Have you tried Geocaching yet?
    • Depending on the season, see what activities are being offered through your Parks and Rec department:
      • Cross country skiing
      • Paddle Boarding
      • Kayaking Explorations
      • Guided Nature Hike
      • Photography
  • Anyone in the community or surrounding area having cooking classes, wine tastings, live music, comedy shows, magic shows, gardening demonstrations, anything you might be interested in.
  • Schedule an in home massage, manicure, pedicure, and/or facial.
  • Make time to do nothing. Really. It is harder than you think to be in your home and do nothing at all – not the garage clean up, not the closets, not the laundry or clean your desk, weed…nothing. Just read a book or rent a movie you missed in the theaters.
  • couple relaxing in saunaTake advantage of what you have right in your own home, neighborhood or gym:
    • Pool
    • Hot Tub (hydrotherapy at your convenience)
    • Sauna (if you don’t have one, get one – vacation everyday)
    • Bicycles
    • Picnic Basket and a nearby park or beach
    • Try something new or go sightseeing as if you were a tourist.
    • Visit the lighthouse or bell tower or marina or whatever the big structure in your area is.
    • Go to a historical home or farm
    • Check out a landmark
    • Find a hike in a county park
    • Go for a drive
  • Treat yourself to a few great lunches or dinners out at restaurants you don’t get to often or that you have been meaning to try.
    • Also stock up with items for breakfast and snacking at home or on the go. Coffee, pastries, fruit, anything you like and that is easy to make and clean up so you feel you are really on vacation.
    • Sleep in and relax over coffee or tea in the morning; drink wine with lunch; take a taxi to dinner.
With some planning and imagination, you can make your vacation time at home just as fun, even better, than going away somewhere.
  • It will be more affordable.
  • No packing or unpacking.
  • You can keep your pets with you.
  • Explore where you live

A chance to create a vacation area in your own home and backyard to enjoy anytime you want.

If you could create your perfect home vacation scenario, what would it be?

  • Hot Tub.
  • Sauna.
  • Pool and outdoor lounge area.
  • Staff to attend your every need.
  • A car and driver for the week.

Tell us what you want.

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